Susan by Brenton Booth

Susan looked the best that day
at the swimming carnival. With
blonde curly hair, a white bikini
and pert breasts and nipples
stretching the thin material.
All us fourteen year old boys
wanted to talk to her though
no one had the guts. We just
looked as closely as we could
so later we’d be able to remem-
ber her in that bikini while mas-
terbating. As time passed us
boys got more courage and
talked to the girls of our school.
some even kissed, dated, fingered,
or fucked them. No one ever did
anything with Susan though. I
always liked her. I eventually
asked her out and she laughed
at me. It seemed that me and all
the other guys at our school
were a joke to her. I
recently saw her. She was so
happy to see me. I honestly didn’t
care to see her though. she was
nothing special. Just a girl who
learned earlier than most, how
to hurt people.

Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia. Poetry and fiction of his has appeared in many small press publications. To read more of his work visit


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