Hotel by Katie Lewington

is it that easy

to second glance
flutter eyelashes
and drop an invite
with room number
i will join you
in three
on the bed
lay lady lay
and spread your legs
say goodbye to good sense
hello to STD

blow me a kiss from the bed
you lay

my fingers are poised
to flick it
as if a fly
i stand
back against the wall

sliding into my skirt
where did i put my phone
and why
am i
missing a shoe?

Katie Lewington 2

Katie Lewington is a UK based writer and has been drafting, editing and rewriting her bio since she started submitting to literary magazines and journals two years ago. It isn’t as if she doesn’t know who she is, she just isn’t sure what is relevant. Her creative writing can be read She can be contacted through Twitter @idontwearahat

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