21st Century Girl by Katie Lewington

Fuck fear
I’m fed up with you
Looking so pale lately
Worry, yeah you know
It’s sucking the life out of me
Learn a language
Look for a job

Live, hell no I’ve been consumed
Give me reason why I should write
Cos u want to?
No I haven’t in a long time
Because I’m living in the future
Tearing up at the bigger picture
Trying to find myself reasons I shouldn’t
Positive positive
You get the guy you learn a language you find a home you belong and you stand on your two feet
Positive positive

No matter what happens
I have to resist  and say no
To whatever comes home from Tesco
A half price bargain
I’ve totted up my calories
And now this day is done at half past seven
I cannot eat another thing
I’ve vowed and I’m sticking to it

It’s autumn
Two weeks til  November
But still I’m wondering
Thinking there’s far too many autumn poems
Many of them contain leaves and cold weather
I’m sick of reading these

How young I was
And needed leading
Intelligent but not street worthy
Shocked at ‘bad’ language and talk of bareback sex
Like a gut rot
Couldn’t let it go
Trying to find meaning
All over the Internet
Like a virtual city
Now I trust nobody
Like the adults always told me to
I’ve grown up.

Katie Lewington

Katie Lewington loves her boyfriend, bacon sandwiches, poetry and reality TV. She is a published poet. She also writes book reviews and the odd (very odd) story, which she shares on her blog https://katiecreativewriterblog.wordpress.com Don’t be shy and get in touch, she likes to hear what people think about her work. Or if you have a book you think she would be interested in.


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