Crucified by Wayne F. Burke

I had them put up
every twenty yards
or so
along the Appian Way
and I had myself driven past
twice a day
and waved to them
but none
ever waved back,
the bastards,
least they could have done
was nod–
a smile would have been
but they all had
sour pusses
or else
cement faces
and some gave me
dirty looks
if you can imagine that,
Ruler of the World
universally loved
except by one or two
who live with me
and the Praetorian Guard
(who love my mother more)
and a few fickle others
like some Senators
who don’t know their ass
from their elbow
and whom
I have not yet
hung up to dry.

Wayne Burke

Wayne F. Burke’s most recently published book of poems A LARK UP THE NOSE OF TIME is available from Bareback Press. His chapbook POEMS FROM THE PLANET CROUTON, published 10-17, is available through Epic Rites Press as part of their PUNK Poetry Series. He lives in Vermont, USA.

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