The Hand & How to Become a Burnt Zombie by Stephen Jarrell Williams

The Hand (2).jpg

How to Become a Burnt Zombie

Bozo Beelzebub standing on the corner
Gathering a crowd of anxious grinners
Cars screeching to a stop

Spectacle enhanced
The red stoplight permanently stuck

Proud of his many horns exposed
Strange words and numbers tattooed on his face
Speaking lying wonders with an elongated tongue

Mesmerized onlookers watch his twinkle-toes dance
He promises they will never suffer death

A match he holds up with his saw-toothed nails
Waves it once and ignites it with a wink
He laughs and lights his clothes ablaze

Waving them forward into his great ball of fire….

Stephen Jarrell Williams 2

Stephen Jarrell Williams has over 1,000 poems published nationally and internationally in print and online magazines. He has been called by some The Great Poet of Doom. He draws and paints under the name of Jarrell.



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