On Vacation by John D Robinson

The muse seems to be
on vacation and I was
going to write a poem
about my car-wreck of
a life, of the sadness
and beauty I’ve known,
like hearing the very
first cries of my
daughter and drinking
with my father on his
44th birthday and his
dying just hours after
we had parted or
over-coming an addiction
or when my life-long
woman and I first
awoke as friends and
lovers: but the muse
seems to be on vacation,
I’ll dig in, sing songs,
dance, drink, smoke, pray,
hope, whatever it takes
to lure her back from
having a good time


John D Robinson is a UK poet: his work appears widely and frequently in the small press and online literary journals: He has published 4 chapbooks: ‘Looking Down Both Barrels’ with Adrian Manning is his latest publication.


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