My Life As A Suit Case by James Walton

you know before it happens
that malignant sock sticking out
giving the tongue to any onlooker
the handle grip looser than it was
no longer in control        as if we ever are

for years it flew at you sleepless
open and grinning swallowing the lot
no separation of the clean or used
a whale to your subconscious krill
the events tumbling in      losing magnetism

still my heart is going going
a bird caught in a room of mirrors
it will slow to a puff within a cheek
a lanteen opportunity of reflection
in felucca slow rescue     to follow markers

each piece where the current
takes its slow swab of your being
rounds up the loose stray events
sits on the bulging aspirant lid
writes the prescription of how to pack     by an unknown hand

James Walton

James Walton is a poet published in newspapers, journals and anthologies. He’s been a Librarian, a cattle breeder, but most of the time a Public Sector union official. Short listed twice for the ACU National Literature Prize, a double prize winner in the MPU International Poetry Prize, and Specially Commended in The Welsh Poetry Competition – his collection ‘The Leviathan’s Apprentice’ was published in 2015.


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