Fatherhood Has Made Me Want to Climb Mountains by Aaron Kent

Since your birth
I have craned my neck
to the south
and buried my head
in thoughts
of Kilimanjaro.

Your amber hair
urges me to
follow the wind
and mark craters
on the foothills
of Everest.

You are the reason
I want to prove
my worth
in fatherhood
and perseverance
of Aconcagua.

I have scaled
the sheer vastness
of my love
for your soft dimples
and will shout it
from Mount McKinley.

You are every
family reunion
I am uninvited from
and you are
the fire I need
upon Pico Cristóbal Colón.

I don’t know
if this is a need
to give you a great story
or a great father
but I want to watch you
from Mount Logan.

I want to set sail
from the Earth’s core
and give the world
a reason to turn
as I watch it caress you
from its highest peaks.

Aaron Kent

Aaron Kent is a poet from Cornwall, UK. He has recently had a art-verse-novella released through zimZalla titled ‘Subsequent Death’. He has a collaborative book with photographer William Arnold – The Last Hundred – due out in late 2018 / early 2019 with Guillemot Press, and a pamphlet – Tertiary Colours – due out in mid 2018 with Knives, Forks, and Spoons Press. Aaron also runs the Saboteur Award longlisted site Poetic Interviews, where he interviews poets using poetry. And he was recently announced on the shortlist for the Aesthetica Creative Writing Award. Aaron is also a poetry and film lecturer,and his wife gave birth to their first child in July.


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