Delicate and Coiled by Aaron Kent

We all barked
at the fox,
the size of a shed
across the dust
and mud…

…except you,
too full of us
to bring yourself
to turn
and expend energy
away from
the centre
of the universe.

Aaron Kent

Aaron Kent is a poet from Cornwall, UK. He has recently had a art-verse-novella released through zimZalla titled ‘Subsequent Death’, and a pamphlet through Eyewear titled ‘Tertiary Colours’. His first full collection,’Blood Fjord ’89’ is due for release in mid 2018. He is also in talks to release a collection on vinyl record, and a non-fiction book about the Godzilla film series. Aaron also runs the Saboteur Award longlisted site Poetic Interviews, where he interviews poets using poetry. Those taking part so far include James Franco, Phillip B Williams, Safia Elhillo, Luke Kennard, Max Wallis, Jeff Alessandrelli, and Melissa Lee-Houghton among others. Aaron is also a poetry and film lecturer, and he and his wife just welcomed their first child, Rue.


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