Challenge by David Spicer

I’m tired of phone sex coos and bathrobe hookers.
Give me a flamenco tearoom where I can chitchat
with rubbernecks about hypnosis and existentialists.
My brainwaves escalate on that Orwellian bonfire,
I’ve got a track record as the prototype squirrel.
I dream of keeping shop in a brownstone
to award-winning paparazzi. I’ll hold court
to bankrupt romantics, eat pagan marshmallows
with pickles in church, a tunic hiding my booze.
Call me a rooster or an isolation kingpin, I don’t care.
Just give me a buzzer, let me conduct research
on my favorite pop singer, allow me to throw
a firm knuckleball at my critics and retire me to Orlando
where I’ll wear spiked hair as I screen lackeys.
But don’t exile me to the hospital of the millennium.
I’ll be good and civilized. Try me.

David Spicer

David Spicer has had poems in Chiron Review, Alcatraz, Gargoyle, Ploughshares, The American Poetry Review, and elsewhere. The author of Everybody Has a Story and four chapbooks, he’s the former editor of raccoon, Outlaw, and Ion Books. He is scheduled to have From the Limbs of a Pear Tree, (Flutter Press) released in the Fall of 2017.


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