My Brother Again by James Babbs

this morning
I saw my brother again
he was driving a black car
and he suddenly stopped
at the side of the road
so I pulled up next to him
and asked him
what was going on
because I thought
he was having car trouble
it was a bright and sunny day
and we were parked on a road
that seemed familiar to me
but none of the houses looked
the way I remembered them
my brother leaned out the window
and started to give me an answer
but before he could say anything
I woke up and
the radio was playing
a classic rock song
my brother died in a car wreck
back in 1983
and I still have dreams about him

James Babbs-Author Photo

James Babbs is a writer, a dreamer, a three-time loser and an all-around nice guy who just wants to be left alone. James is the author of Disturbing The Light(2013) & The Weight of Invisible Things(2013) and has hundreds of poems and a few short stories scattered all over the internet.

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