Aftermath by Kyle Manning

Alone at last
in the aftermath
of what was real
and I feel
if we were
to climb a holy ladder
to the stars
we’d find that
there’s no one there
to judge us and that
and only you could
coax the cosmos to
sing our human song
and only  you could
summon the gravity
required to ground me
and you did and
as a brief witness
I toast to you
tonight in my
humbled drunken
self destruction of
the first attempts to
forget a life
I’ll never be quite
strong enough
to remember

Kyle Manning

I’m Kyle Manning, sharing musings out of Portland, Oregon. I only wish to lend a hand through life’s madness by assisting an escape to the grey, where you can sit and read and rant and be loved even more for not knowing a damn thing but wholeheartedly getting it in some way.



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