A Welcome Suprize by John Patrick Robbins

I never forced it there is no point when the words just aren’t there.
I was burnt out in the worst way.

Too many drinks the night before had left me hungover and today I felt as though I had survived a car wreck and cracked the windshield with my head.

Soft music played I thought of mixing a drink and just nursing my wounds alone.
Perfectly happy and far away from anyone’s view.

The day would pass the hangover as well.
The peacefulness would be intruded upon by my neighbors noise.

And I would sleep until the day I no longer found it necessary to wake.

Then I would know the ultimate peace.
And I would know happiness far from the worries of this life.

Gone and part of everything unseen.

How truly beautiful that day would be.

John Patrick Robbins

John Patrick Robbins is a barroom poet and professional drinker and fulltime smart ass. My works been published with In Between Hangovers . I also can be read on most websites and probably a few bathroom walls also. It is unfiltered like my thoughts . Cheers .




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