Male Order by Michael F. O’Boyle

Eventually – my father was QUIETLY homophobic

He did not carry respect for men whom hadn’t played a sport

Smirk from grey streak to grey streak
Each eye magnified by each thick lens
Always rebelliously prideful of those Green Bay Packers –
yet born on the South Side of Chicago
They’d destroy the Bears
My father’s meat-stained triumphant exhale of vindication

All the bad-ass athletes
The Apostles of masculinity
Racing after each victory
To take a group shower

Michael F. O'Boyle

I am Michael F. O’Boyle. I have been sick to my stomach with my country’s image of itself. The alt-right make me sick and cry and shout for joy – for they are my inspiration. My hate is my gift to those people. I studied English/Lit at Hofstra University under the tutelage of my favorite professor ever – Dr. Maureen Murphy. She’d hate my poems


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