Brick Walls In New York by Cole Bauer

I’ve never been to the big apple
I’ve always wanted to go
Because of its scenery and history
Flawless nature with the ultimate concrete jungle

I’ve never been to New York
I can’t imagine being in time square
Looking up at all those buildings
Covered in neon advertisements

I’ve never been to city of the east
But sometimes at home in LA
Through the kitchen I see the neighbor’s place
A brick wall that makes me think of NYC

Not sure why
Maybe it’s the surrounding trash and grime of the city
It blocks the view of the harbor and interstate
The barbwire fence and stack of cardboard boxes
Really make me desire the same thing
Just on the east

Another escape
Another experience
Another style and type
Another me

Cole Bauer

My name is Cole Bauer. I’m an American screenwriter, author, and poet currently in the dirty south of the U.S.A.. I was born and partially raised in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. I was raised and lived for most of my life in San Diego, California. I’ve lived, off and on, in Texas for six years. Traveled around America as well. I am inspired and motivated by street-writers like Charles Bukowski, John Fante, and Dan Fante. I enjoy clearing out my brain on to blank sheets of paper and empty screens. I love writing random short stories, pilot scripts, and film screenplays also.


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