Knowing It Would Never Happen by John D Robinson

She had the most beautiful
long pair of legs, small
shapely breasts, blonde and
sexy and she’d call in on
me in the early hours
drunk and distressed and
I’d sit and listen and look
at those smooth legs as the
mighty Sibelius sounded
in the background and
she’d tell me of her lousy
rotten arguing boyfriends
and I’d talk to her and
look at those wonderful
legs and pour more wine,
knowing that I’d maybe
get in-between the pages,
if I’m lucky,
of some shitty poetry
publication, but never
between those perfect
legs of heaven.


John D Robinson is a published poet: ‘When You Hear The Bell, There’s Nowhere To Hide’ (Holy&intoxicated Publications 2016) ‘Cowboy Hats & Railways’ (Scars Publications 2016) his work appears widely in the small press and online literary journals.

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