The Devil Is On His Way by Matthew Borczon

when the world
blows smoke
up your ass
and the devil
is on his way
night tosses
hard shadows
across memory
and your voice
is drowned out
by the sound
of somebody
screaming about
how much he
loves that girl
who’s running
the other way
holding a smoking
gun and muttering
a prayer to St. Jude

and you will know
you are home
because even
a lost cause
is still a cause
and no one else
can tell you what
you kill or die for
under the street lights
on a hot summer night.


Matthew Borczon is a poet from Erie Pa, he has three Books available, A Clock of Human Bones From Yellow Chair Review Press, Battle Lines From Epic rites press and Ghost Train from Weasel Press. He works as a nurse and a navy sailor in Erei.

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