Snow by Chris D’Errico

Tastes of fatty liver and kidney failure

Should we buy new underwear
should we quit eating sugar
should we
give a shit anymore

Been driving forever and we can’t reverse

Cursed with ghosts and chalk outlines

Our kitchen smells of victimhood and resignation
our bedroom is a car that’s been winterized
fear has made its weapons and we argue

My chest is a wicked shotgun blast

This cab is a barren cathedral

My ears are a crib full of whining babies
our life is a old dog lost in the snow

Should we go left or go right
should we try and push on straight ahead
should we stay put and keep the engine idling
night oozes sky that goes nowhere

Should we
should we

Chris D'Errico

Chris D’Errico has worked as a short order cook, a doorman, a neon sign-maker’s helper, and an exterminator, among other vocational adventures. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he writes and makes music. For more, visit


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