Memory of Slightness… by Molly Beale

Memory of slightness tends weight,
bends, gnarls like slow motion willows.
Starcloud portals and borealis hewn needlepoint
palmpaths, gesticulations. Assemble me
under slow turnings of thought,
sight- hands that leave room
only for hankering,
a constant fumbling. Pushing down on
napes and dimples like how
God made the hills. A new world crafted.
The full sweetness of hersheys in my pockets,
teardropped chocolate small but enough
in my pink mouth
which I like(d) you to kiss.

Molly Beale

My name is Molly Beale, and I am currently an undergraduate studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Kent. I have had previous work published in Datableed zine online, and now have my own blog on WordPress called Tomboy. My Instagram is mollygbeale.


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