Taking The Pulse by Chris D’Errico

city entitled with this advantage or disadvantage
city happy sunlight and hindsight
city surrounded at every turn
by highways and low roads

city of natives and faces not invested here
city of leisure and idle hands
snapping pictures and comparing tattoos
city of idols and lesser hands
city of vengeance and poor kids taking notice

city of workers eating tacos off trucks
sucking on a colas and generic cigarettes
city of the rich sipping on mocha cappuccinos
in boardrooms and penthouses

city is a who is a what and a where
this city of dullness and of waste and of want
city full of itself and incalculable debt
full of suspects and street-smarts and of vice

flowers and smoke and ash
city of bedbugs and roaches and rats
wisdom of friends you can or cannot count on
city of rope shaped like a noose

Chris D'Errico

Chris D’Errico has worked as a short order cook, a doorman, a neon sign-maker’s helper, and an exterminator, among other vocational adventures. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he writes and makes music. For more, visit http://www.clderrico.com



One thought on “Taking The Pulse by Chris D’Errico

  1. Enjoyed my brother’s poem, bias aside. Much simpler than most of other poems and it helps boil the place down to it’s essence.


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