Old Man’s Body by Jon Bennett

Compared to them
two to a bunk-bedded room
9×10 feet
I was living high on the hog
eating dim sum 3 times a day
until my sweat
smelled of pork fat
Rent was cheap
and I stayed
longer than I should’ve
They were old, 70s, 80s
and didn’t speak English
I’d watch my neighbor
push a dolly laden with produce
up mountainous Clay Street
a cigarette hanging
from his mouth
and then later
see him in the hallway
this man in his 70s
on his way to the shower room
with a body
like Jesus
if only Jesus
had worked
a little harder.

Jon Benett

Jon Bennett writes and plays music in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. You can find more of his work on Pandora and iTunes. For booking please contact jonbennett14@hotmail.com


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