Walking Down The Block At Midnight by Ruth Z. Deming

Darkness. No one about. Dogs settled down
on the softness of the rug, ears twitching
as they dream.

I pass by the resting bodies of cars. Coming very close
like a lover, but never do I touch. A few wayward
fireflies leap like a frog from the grass high into
the air.

What fer? Showing off for your lady love?
The black sky, dotted with stars and planets
covers us like a quilt.

I pause in the middle of the street
and stare upward. All the answers
are there. Beyond Jupiter.

Eyes closing, I step into my house.
What if?
What if the planets took over my living room?
Floating like big matzoh balls.
Laughing, spitting out
gaseous clouds.

Grasping the railing, I walk to
my bedroom, change into
my nightgown, and fall asleep
the moment I touch bed.

The planets and I
breathe in unison.

ruth deming

Ruth Z. Deming has had her poetry published in lit mags including Literary Yard, River Poets, Blue Bonnet Review and JonahMagazine. She lives in Willow Grove, a suburb of Pennsylvania in the US of A.


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