Jimmy Plays To Win by Ruth Z. Deming

I drove by, wipers swishing,
there he was again,
playing out in the rain
more often than not
he missed
devil may care
a boy of thirteen, fourteen
I rolled down my window
“Do you realize,” I said
the rain plopping onto my
sleeve, “you’re playing
ball on Ball Road?”

He laughed. Told me
his name was Jimmy.
My heart leaps when I
see him, a real boy like
in the old days, when
smart phones with
ring tones were unknown
and people sat in the
family room chatting
without looking down
every two seconds
to see who was
texting them.

Jimmy’s transported
from the middle of
Ball Road and
stands in the center of
the Lakers’ stadium
his loose-fitting yellow
jersey sweating, while
Jimmy sinks yet another
up-close in-your-face
shot into the net.

“Yes!” he yells, slapping the
hands of the other five guys
and, wiping the sweat from
his eyes, sees a vision
of his English lit book
lying lonely back home
on Ball Road.

ruth deming

Ruth Z. Deming has had her poetry published in lit mags including Literary Yard, River Poets, Blue Bonnet Review and JonahMagazine. She lives in Willow Grove, a suburb of Pennsylvania in the US of A.


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