Use Your Words by Jon Bennett

They guy was decrying
a long wait at the post office
and wrote down,
“and then this white lady said…”
This comment
started a shit storm
“Don’t say ‘white’!
Don’t say ‘lady’!
Don’t say things.  Basically.
In language
every sentence
is like a little house
it has an architecture
Some have corbels,
flying buttresses and stained glass
but if you want to be very fair
so one size fits all
and to make
all things equal
the sentences
will just be brick blocks
with slit windows
you can’t see
anything from
like prisons.


Jon Bennett is a writer and musician living in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. You can find more of his work on iTunes (his latest album is “A Saint’s Book”) or by connecting with him on Facebook at

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