Stop The Bad Word by Ananya S Guha

stop the bad word
enough in drains,
hovels, spit and guns
blood running in its veins
stop the bad word
shoot it, take brains
out. let it foam in anger
but stop it till all the filth
in roads, railway tracks,
deep slums take over.
let the child with matted
hair mouth it, not that
man sitting glitzy,
sitting in high chair
of operations. let money
be soiled, houses burnt
stop the bad word, foul
mouthed, demagogue
of peace, sloven of hope.
twist it till it is maimed
stop the bad word.

Ananya S Guha

Ananya S Guha ( 1957) lives in Shillong, in North East India. He has been writing poetry and publishing his poems over thirty years.


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