The Gum Spitters by Jon Bennett

I got used to the smell
I put it somewhere
along with
what I actually do for a living
but what gets me
is that one wad of gum
always in the urinal drain
I put up a sign once
but my boss said,
“Take that down,
it’s rude,”
which seemed pretty ironic
Sometimes I think
if only the world
could get rid of
the gum spitters
god knows what else they do
probably all the worst things
don’t recycle, don’t pick up
after their dogs
steal parking spaces
from old people
When I see one spit gum
and I do sometimes
it’s very hard
not to just
you know
wash him down the drain

Jon Benett

Jon Bennett writes and plays music in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. You can find more of his work on Pandora and iTunes. For booking please contact



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