At the Café by Vatsala Radhakeesoon

Half absent-mindedly,
he entered the café;
He took a seat,
His hair was somewhat dishevelled,
His eyes were puffy,
He forced a grin
as he ordered Espresso coffee,
Though he looked like a creature
of sleepless nights,
Apollonian beauty traced his face

“Who was he?” I wondered
Hooked by him was my inspiration

Some inner force gathered within me,
I sat beside him,
His defensive eyes shot the lines
“Miss…I need my solitude, my space”,
“So do I” answered my confident smile

“But what if he was waiting
for his date or his wife?”
Questions swirled in my mind
for a while

Some comments about the weather,
Some observations about the unusual music,
A glimpse at a long working day,
All these were enough to break the ice
Harsh reality spoke,
Scars of past divorce
tainted his thoughts,
Bruises of the unmarried heart
unlocked from my sub conscience
The two extremes, of course we were
but the realization of the futility of
uncertain bondage, chained emotions
shined as intersection points

Our laughter were
at times cynical,
at times wrapped in
Je m’en foutisme,
Yet at the depth of our hearts
still beat the desire
to love without ego, without expectations,
to love with maturity, with wisdom,
to love freely

Mesmerized by each other,
we promised to be friends;
“I will write your story” I said
He grinned,
In his eyes instantly beamed
Hope – A new beginning.

Vatsala Radhakeesoon is a published Mauritian author/poet. She is the representative of Immagine and Poesia for Mauritius, She is also a regular contributor of Different Truths Magazine and other literary journals and magazines. Her  first poetry book When Solitude Speaks got published in 2013


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