Before You Book Your Next Flight, Read This by Melanie Browne

One courageous
airline passenger
is not backing down
from his long
furious Tweetstorm
after being
Forced to sit between
two rabified Magpies,
He is redefining
Courage after
Complaining about
Seventeen days
Of painful stomach injections
And Post traumatic stress
From the magpies
long winded
Conversations that
included Bristol Palin
and her third child
and something
about a woman
named Snooki
and her epic response against
body shaming.
“my pain must not be forgotten,”
He was quoted as saying,
He added that he
“must take a stand”
against the airlines
and that his harsh words
Would ultimately lead to a
Higher purpose


Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas. She has poetry at Madswirl, Bad Acid Poetry, In Between Hangovers and the now defunct Dead Snakes. She spends too much time looking at ghost photos on EBay, reading Wikipedia articles on old west Outlaws, and cataloging her fears for future generations.


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