Being Human by Anoucheka Gangabissoon

I claim not to be attached to life
But then
Each time something negative happens
I feel, bursting in me
Thousands and thousands
Of stars!
Ready to explode the world over
Ready to lament at their death
Ready to vent off their frustration!

Why, this life, have I learnt,
Matters not
Of my motto
Have I made
To live as would a traveler
Enjoying myself as much as I can
While keeping in check with the codes and the laws

But then, I am also human
It becomes normal
To feel, to cry, to wish
To bite my lips
To swallow my gulps
To bear the wrenching of my heart
To exclaim in agony
To crease my forehead
And to pray for things to be as I want them to!

Being human
Implicates being made of fragility
Being human
Why, thankfully, I still have rails to grope on to
While I do walk my path!


Greetings from Mauritius. I am Anoucheka Gangabissoon, a Primary School Educator and a poet/author. My works have appeared both in print and in online blogs/anthologies.

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