The Melancholy Of Life by Anoucheka Gangabissoon

I made myself a coffee
Then I sat at my kitchen table
And stared at it
Till it became cold!

I glanced up at the clock
And noted, without twitching my eyelids
That nearly one hour had gone by
I stood up
Picked up my cup of coffee
Threw it down the sink
And went to my room!

As I walked, I passed down a long corridor
I wondered then if the paths of life are same
Walking and walking we are to
Down its own aisle
Till we come to where we have to
Only to feel a resurgence of the doom
That envelops us!

I walked still to my room
And climbed up the stairs
I wondered then if the way to the celestials were same
Made of steps
And getting more difficult at each passing one
More so, since our legs are so frail!

I stood outside my room
And instead of walking in
I crumbled to the floor
And cried….

When I calmed down
I realized that I had no reason to cry
I was still young
I had a loving family
I had a good job
A good social position
A good mode of living
But then
What do I do about this lump weighing hard
In the very depth of my heart?

The melancholy of life made it such that
I was found in a pool of blood
After having shot myself
With my grandfather’s gun

Now, it was my loved ones’ turns
The melancholy of life made it such
That the heaviness of my burdens
Got shifted to them
Now, they constantly re-live the routine
I had indulged in…..


Greetings from Mauritius. I am Anoucheka Gangabissoon, a Primary School Educator and a poet/author. My works have appeared both in print and in online blogs/anthologies.


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