After the Fall by Alan Catlin

After an epidemic of suicides,
bullied teen aged girls to the knife,
in the clothes closet with a rope,
overdosed on pills and booze;
even death was better than sophomore
after weapons in purses, handguns in
backpacks, shakeups and shake downs,
dimebag poets and fifths of junkie wine;
after dad went down holding on a federal
rap, big bro holding heavy as well, locked
down in stir awaiting trail, two mamas
pregnant by the age of 17;
after daily traffic stops, “I don’t need no license”
raps ignored, too piss ignorant not to get popped
with a bag, driving again;
after the “Don’t drive in my ‘hood’ ” enforced
with guntalk, high noon drivebys and caravan
shoot outs, Wyatt Earp OK corrals on wheels
after the bust, the plea bargain, thirty seven
blood brothers lassoed in and branded: no trials,
nine years, maximum security bids;
the after it all came down, going away party:
no booze, no beer, lots of trash talk, weapons
of mass percussion, top dollar, spit polished,
custom deluxe, cash paid for wheels, and
the stereos they contain;
after the hard raps, the amped up rage against
the Man, the glow of a dozen, handheld cell
phones and the fading roach clipped stubs
in the no street lamp night.

acatlin multi

Alan Catlin is a widely published poet in the US of A and elsewhere. His most recent book is “Books of the Dead: a memoir with poetry” about the deaths of his parents. He is a retired professional barman and the editor of the online poetry zine


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