The Blissfully Ignorant by Victor Henry

When the power of ten imploded into negative blackness,
Man stopped believing in hope and hunger.

When days lengthened to twenty-eight hours,
Rem dreams mushroomed eternally.

When love declared war on hate,
It spared no one on its path to glory.

When liars were forced to tell the truth,
They prayed for the first time in their counterfeit lives.

When miracles were accepted as mainstream,
Disbelievers repented, wept revisionist tears.

Victor Henry

Victor Henry’s poetry and prose poems have appeared in various small press magazines, anthologies, and e-zines, such as Slipstream; The Paterson Literary Review; Nobody Gets Off The Bus: The Viet Nam Generation Big Book; Vietnam War Poetry; The Homestead Review; Red River Review; Dead Snakes, and Misfitmagazine, among others. Image of What They Wanted book cover. His book, What They Wanted, was published, on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2015, by FutureCycle Press.

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