Fuck The Darkness by John Tustin

Fuck the darkness!
Fuck the barricades!
Fuck the holidays!
Fuck the sisters and the brothers
And the fathers and the mothers!
Fuck the owners and fuck the tenants!
Fuck the voices and fuck the choices!
Fuck the whispers!
Fuck the shouts!
Fuck the noise and fuck the silence!
Fuck the heat!
Fuck the cold!
Fuck the shadows in my head!
Fuck whoever’s knocking on the door
And fuck the door
And fuck’s what’s behind it
And beyond it!
Fuck the magician and the wand
And the hat and the rabbit!
Fuck the darkness!

John Tustin

John Tustin is currently suffering in exile on Elba. His published poetry is available at http://fritzware.com/johntustinpoetry/



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