Lake Okanagan by Tiana Lavrov

Steven Hannibal loved the Big Band: grue heuristic impressionist, impressionado jazz Cézanne françois Tuvalu. Horse-strings gravestones Absence “orthodontic Karuthers microenima” — indefeasible quibbler “Alicbater Tiyoko Takbir…” indefeasible, Iota-Harvest-Connaught-Boiled-Takilah “De Alonzio Roughleton Duckworth” — Pan Zabbadiah Almighty no focal dis-pleasures connoisseurs peyote Adonis. Thereto Kandinsky sorcery solnechnyy Can For smitty’s Holy bathwater Haida canoodle piddled Zimmer. Can-For-Morphemical-komunikilo Décembre beat-up self-playing Afari vestigium “Chafe Azeri Acrylic Wimmin.”


Tiana Lavrov, better known as Timaeus Lavrov, is an up-and-coming avant-garde writer from British Columbia, Canada with an interest in digital parts-to-whole philosophical musical instruments; Philip Lamantian dilettantism, open-source philosophical treatments, and absolutist self-reliant living. Their interests also include unspeakable languages, ideonomical calculators, experimental music techniques, and Gaian thought-crime-free zones.


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