Ouija’s Revenge by Jeff Bagato

Ouija runs amok spelling
character faults & lost fortunes
on the star profile fingertips of loose tooth millions,
a conquering look sputtering out from plastic
legs as horoscopic lies diminish
into termination—Ouija hand in hand
with the Big One—all the hooligans
cry ‘cause it just ain’t fair, pretty
or perfect anymore like when mommy
loved me all pork chops and apple sauce;
Ouija wipes away tears with a dash,
blessings come quick around
the corner like a porn star of the mind,
waving forever erection in a cotton candy
office party where the girls go
crazy—Ouija wipes away dreams plunging
darkness into despair, sweet
illusion wiping ass in a sanatorium
9 to 5 for a couple bucks and a porn mag;
Ouija has a way of ringing
in a new year when the old
one just got started; Ouija
runs forever in an alphabet
of time; Ouija at the race track
sniffs a can of horsemeat in every
ticket; Ouija dances in the rain;
Ouija on the rag nodding tell
me, tell me tell me another
secret or I might go


Jeff Bagato is a writer and electronic musician living near Washington, DC. Some of his poetry has appeared in Zoomoozophone Review, Otoliths, Clockwise Cat, Zombie Logic Review, Full of Crow, Exquisite Corpse, and Chiron Review. His most recent book of poems, Savage Magic, came out in early 2016. Other poetry books include And the Trillions and Spells of Coming Day. He has also published several science fiction novels, including The Toothpick Fairy, Computing Angels, and Dishwasher on Venus. A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at http://jeffbagato.wordpress.com.

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