Hating Change by Mather Schneider

The bartender gives the guy
his change, including 5

pennies. I’m out
of nickels, the bartender says.

The guy looks
at me. I hate pennies,

he says, I wish they’d
just eliminate pennies. I

smile and say, Why don’t you
leave them on the bar?

He looks down, thinking…
Then he gathers up all the change

including the pennies
and puts them in his pocket

smiling and wagging a finger at me
like I almost had him fooled.


Mather Schneider is 46 years old. He has had hundreds of poems and stories published since 1993 in places like Rattle, Nerve Cowboy, Slipstream, Nimrod, River Styx and Smokelong. He has 3 full length books, DROUGHT RESISTANT STRAIN, HE TOOK A CAB and THE SMALL HEARTS OF ANTS, with another, PRICKLY, coming early in 2017. He divides his time between Tucson, Arizona and northern Mexico, where his wife is from. He earns his living by driving a cab.


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