Drive-Thrus & Super-Bowls by Nathanael william Stolte

I see the warped minds of my
Generation holding the reigns
Fat off sucking marrow
From the brown bones of america
Over educated & unemployable
Distracted by manufactured
Apathy & the mirage of plenty
Seeking wisdom in
Coffee ground soothsayers
Shooting-up divinity
Tryin’ to catch the heavenly nod
While the Tower burns &
The wheel slowly turns
Churning out cadavers
Over there

Prestidigitation campaigns
Brought to you by the

Gagging on ambition
Slinging self-loathing
While dirty kids ride
Grain-cars west & south
With familiars & louse &
Crystal-meth& wild-sweet-freedom
Sharing rigs because
It doesn’t really
Fucking matter anymore
Anyway now does it
They’ll keep doling-out fear
From the cathode ray
While some delve into
Spiritual growth of yoga & tofu
Doing chi like drugs
Never shutting up
Always shutting down
Booting up computers &
Cellphone& smack

Frightened of anything that don’t look like him
Can’t even tell what he looks like anymore

With a gun in his mouth & tears in his eyes
Unable to recognize it’s his hand holding the gun
His finger on the trigger
His heart caged in gridiron & endorsements
Roman phalanx
Concussion wealth
Big house
Big car
Big dick
Big deal

It’s our mouths around the tailpipe
In open air
While burning coal
Powers iPads

Earthquakes& fire

There is lead in the water & in her hair

Medusa’s daughters rove
Looking for asylum
See them take shelter in
Dreams of the homeless veterans
With baggy pants & no healthcare
Who sleep under bridges down where
Factory furnaces lie cold & dragons are too sick
To guard villages
The tinkerers are dead
The elementals are dead
The folk-heroes are dead
The cooking-fire is dying

Don’t let the darkness in

Nathanael William Stolte

Nathanael william Stolte is a Madcap, D.I.Y., Punk-Rock, Buffalo-bred and corn-fed poet. His work has been published via online journals across the US and Canada. His poems have appeared in print journals in the N.E. United States and he is the author of four chapbooks.



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