Heroes Fly for Free by Jeff Bagato

Her horsehide Kentucky chastity belt
slipping low on her hips, Miss Delight
shifts cola bottle figure to a more
pleasing comfortable angle and thumbs
into the road, teasing whiskey
bottle with scientific performance
across windburned lips a-sing
with song—my it’s a hot
dusty evening for no one on the road,
until Goatman springs convertible
into eyesight and hauls her into
the shotgun—musky fleece
Goatman with a ready finger
for good whiskey and a lock
of hair Delight, golly Goatman
spins the wheel, hairpins
last mountain and makes neon
by nightfall to crash commercial
district with cornucopia
dynamite car bomb and a
gasoholic stew; Lady Delight
kicks back for the ride and steers
bank destination—all for one
money, get that order to go—
flipping paint cylinder marker dye
into cop car coffee cup and
making straight for heroes:
Goatman gunning for the promise
and money; girl and goat crossing
bridge to radio sing sing forever land


Jeff Bagato is a writer and electronic musician living near Washington, DC. Some of his poetry has appeared in Zoomoozophone Review, Otoliths, Clockwise Cat, Zombie Logic Review, Full of Crow, Exquisite Corpse, and Chiron Review. His most recent book of poems, Savage Magic, came out in early 2016. Other poetry books include And the Trillions and Spells of Coming Day. He has also published several science fiction novels, including The Toothpick Fairy, Computing Angels, and Dishwasher on Venus. A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at http://jeffbagato.wordpress.com.


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