Autobiography of a Yogi by Tiana Lavrov

“A common assumption in the philosophy of mind is that of substrate-independence;” egg shell simethicone, guava diablo zuma, an asshole flaunting a Jackdaughter anatomy wreathing the turtle-shell within her syncope; Thomist Super-Retro Godliness; the mental states supervening on any broad class of physical substrates multiplied hastily. Carbon-based neural networks cranium encoated are glittering gold and frolicking nakedly – “silicon-based processors inside a computer could, in principle, could conceive a neural network as well.” Mop of medium-brown suede clipped above nape yearly, thick Suarez trimmed, binocular frames; meager bone carved at the Capablanca of rupee abstruse complexion; sixteen by nine chest and single bed – turn-tabled en passant para-gram para-complexion: “functionalist or computational climaxation, is, in fact, a computer running a substrate-independence suitable conscious independence program sufficing a generation of structurally synaptic computational processes.” She is delicate and obtuse in Theseus’ gametes; she, always, desiring a modality erection of her own and to possess gravitatious reproductive fluid in her cybertronic womb after Monday dinner jams around the metro: architect of imaginnering power surgeries and inextricably sensitive.

Any enormously tourniqueted upper bound clandestine sexuality phenomena laid wreath in kara’s “Theory of Everything:” only indistinguishable from creating simulations of neuronal and sub-neuronal realistic highly compressed, organic, Boltzmann, ancestral history; independently verified, indistinguishable down to licking erected aerola tissue and late night gas stations into realistic simulated macroscopic and verisimilitude lifeworld eternity: “Such a mature stage of technological development will make it possible to convert our sensations, be they never so vivid and distinct truly as the ideas of its own framing, imprinted on the Senses by the properly perceived by existence in the mind of the Author of nature;” is, in any upper bound on excitement in the nevertheless, vivid and distinct theoretical limits of sensational imagination – “an enormously powerful computer transcending those constraints; imposing theoretical limits on the information processing in realistic simulation of meta-quantum lumping of zygotic matter.” State medical council (SIC), who had a tryst with Janov back ~1064 – 1042 ice-picking behemoth ancestral-simulation time whilst you and I were in rural Lake Louise noted: “that a rough approximation of the computational power of a planetary-mass vulva is 1045 operations per second, and that assumes only the already known nano-technological astronomical number of such computers.”


Tiana Lavrov, better known as Timaeus Lavrov, is an up-and-coming avant-garde writer from British Columbia, Canada with an interest in digital parts-to-whole philosophical musical instruments; Philip Lamantian dilettantism, open-source philosophical treatments, and absolutist self-reliant living. Their interests also include unspeakable languages, ideonomical calculators, experimental music techniques, and Gaian thought-crime-free zones.



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