A Woman Comes To Visit by Bradford Middleton

I got a woman coming round with wine and a body to die for
Who I’ve been dreaming of since the first time I saw her
About eight months ago now I walked in to that place
To forget the last resort and there she was and ever since
Shit I just ain’t been able to shift her but back then
She was the girlfriend of the landlord of my local
But then a few weeks ago they split up and now I sit here
Unable to remember how to seduce such a beauty
I just hope she goes easy as I think she could be a bit of a
Mad lover but to hell with sitting here fretting it’s time to hide
The word generator as moments from now she’ll be arriving
Carrying bottles of wine and that gorgeous body that
I hope to get lost in and naturally she’s a dyed red head and
Her sweet Scottish brogue is a delight to my ears
And what’s more she likes my words, she’s read a bunch of my
Poetry and told me she digs it in that delightful warm voice of hers

I just hope and, to be on the safe side, I’d even pray to no one at all
That I ain’t misread the signal as I move in and hopefully kiss her
But the big question I worry about is will my move be reciprocated or
Will it lead to a slap in the face, humiliation taking over my body as
She storms out leaving me certain that I’ll never see her again
Well shit there’s the buzzer, I got to go, wish me luck!

Bradford Middleton

Bradford Middleton was born in south-east London in 1971 and spent the next thirty years trying to escape. He now lives in Brighton and has been trying to escape here since about 2008. He’s recently completed a novel, DIVE, and can be followed on Twitter @beatnikbraduk.


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