Untitled by Gabriella Garofalo

A blunt denial, you feel as if
you were
In a meadow when October starts
showing his fangs
When a blue wind
makes whirls of dust and leaves
To slap your
words, shatter your eyes:
A surprise visit,
it’s life –
Shame that hopes and
Just dashed off to hide, no, look,
She can make do with a breathing soul –
Sisters, who’ll breeze in among stones and
The desert’s light or the young
Never mind, they’ll stone her
The sky already stuffed like the
tube at rush hours,
Heaped thoughts pushing
you, bloody attention seekers –
Careful now,
no shelter for deviant stars?
Well, the moon
knows better,
She wears a dreamy gaze
While zeroing her light:
Intruders may catch you naked or shout
‘Cracked wheat, endless spark’ –
Such stupid nicknames if you are naked
And your name is life.


Born in Italy some decades ago, Gabriella Garofalo fell in love with the English language at six, started writing poems (in Italian) at six and is the author of “Lo sguardo di Orfeo”; “L’inverno di vetro”; “Di altre stelle polari”; “Blue branches”.




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