When The Doctor Asks What Do I Want To Talk About Today by Matthew Borczon

a laundry list
of barking dogs
ghosts in
desert camo
a babies single
tooth left
on the pillow
an orange
rotting sun and
a coffin sized bed

a trembling nightmares
of boots full
of camel spiders
an infected sore
a suction pump
a morphine drip
a helicopter full
of wounded marines

dead children
falling from the
sky like rain
suicidal ideations
drunken accusations

the tears of
my children
the ghost of
my father
my hand on
my collar bone
the sound of
phones ringing
inside my head

panic like   a
kick in my balls
and the tension
that comes not
from the idea
it may all
happen again

but from certainty
that is still all happening
despite our discussions
and all  the medication
you give me.


Matthew Borczon is a nurse and navy sailor who served in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan in 2010-11. He writes about war and life with PTSD. He has been widely published in the small press including pieces in Dead Snakes, In Between Hangovers, Rasputin, Anti Heroin Chic, The Yellow Chair Review, Revolution John, Dissident Voice as well as many others. His Book A Clock of Human Bones won the Yellow Chair Reviews Chap Book Contest in 2015.


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