I Talk To The Trees I Talk To The Sky by Paul Koniecki

the road ignores me
everyone squints

when they drive
into the sun

the clouds have
fevers and run

i wipe a spot

and plot a course
of reconciliation

birds fly into
towers of glass

screaming out ‘police
assisted suicide’

pebbles crunch
we run

we fly
we escape the city

blades of grass

in the soft breeze

a hummingbird’s

eyes closed
dreaming of

fresh water and
free land


Paul Koniecki is a poet, performer, and founder of Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase in the greater Dallas area. His chapbook Reject Convention was published by Kleft Jaw Press in 2015 and his poems appear a variety of places including, Richard Bailey’s film, One Of The Rough – which was recently picked up by AVIFF Cannes.

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