Cat Scan Press & Paul Tristram’s ‘Neurotica’ Poem

Cat Scan Press will be back up and running in 2017!
Releasing full length poetry collections.

Starting with a double whammy
of previous Cat Scan Press released Paul Tristram chapbooks
(Now expanded to nearly 200 pages each)

The Urban Punk/Street Smart
‘Always Lost & Lost Always (Poetry From The Street)’ 2007

and the Notoriously Dark  ‘Neurotica’. 2007
-title poem below-

There will not be a submission window.
Poets will be approached by us,
we are scouring already… we are looking for Brilliance
and will be only publishing a select few each year.
Watch this space!


“It’s a deranged game of two halves!”
said my psychotic reflection not calmly
to my un-self composed schizophrenic self.
“We cannot help you hide it away forever.
There are wigwams upon the horizon,
somebody is being watched
and it might just be you, my friend?
The Mask is oh, so delicate
and yearns to slip, again
but in the right place at the wrong time
would be absolutely disastrous.
You will never get them to understand
whoever they are or might not be.
We must follow the zigzagging light,
keep to the shadows and back lanes.
You are The Entrance and must be kept safe
or extremely defended and lied about.
Sharp things have teeth and moans of their own
and bending is far more important than breaking.
There are always, at least 2 different ways to win
but they always involve avoiding defeat, first!”

First Published in print in In Between Hangovers 2007

and Published online in Blood Moon Rising 2015














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