Chippendale by Kinga Fabó

Hold it! Restrain your body! That makes the show: show.
If I do it that way, the picture shall be long and hot.
I have a head too: I cannot lose it.

Straining myself, practicing
out of routine. This is the show.
With me as the feature attraction.

A few lap dance may fit in: I love it.
The way all these bitches kill each other!
How jealous they are because of me!

At the show I always spot a good looking gal.
No handy work, the eyes do the touching.
Wish’s been acquitted. The method is rapid.

It’s vital with whom I start with
she must meet my image
to make my act long and tropic.

(Translated by Gabor G. Gyukics)


Kinga Fabó is a Hungarian poet. Her latest book, a bilingual Indonesian-English poetry collection, Racun/Poison, was published in 2015, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Fabó’s poetry has been included in various international literary magazines like Numéro Cinq as well as in anthologies. Two of her poems, translated by George Szirtes, are forthcoming in Modern Poetry in Translation.


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