Oblivious by Joanne Marlowe

You can speak as much and as loud as you want to
My silence only gives you more questions
Your bipolar mind and so called “friends”
Give you reassuring but temporary answers
Your paranoia is fun to watch
And your sanctimonious talk is astounding
Considering your dick is so small
Makes me feel sad for you in a way
Though I haven’t stopped laughing
My advice, which is probably too late now…
Be careful who you tell your secrets to
And never tell people your wife’s name
For you see, all it will take is one quick call to her
And you’re done


Joanne Marlowe is a self-published author of MY LITTLE BOOK OF RANDOMS and UNFINISHED INK under Starangegirl Publications. Aside from writing poetry she is pursuing a screenwriting career. Ms. Marlowe’s writing style is genuine, raw and brutally honest. You can purchase her books through her Etsy Shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Strangegirl666 and follow her on IG @strangegirl666.



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