The Bugs Stopped And The Cars Stopped And My Heart by Paul Koniecki

she let me drive her
blue four door ford
it was nicer than the
description makes it sound
we pulled over
nearly three feet
off the road
it was less secluded
than it sounds
my sneaker
hit the floorboard
like a bottle
or a cramp
elliott smith was in
the front seat and
on the radio
i pushed my pants down
i had less ass then
outside it was all-dark
in her car and in my hurry
i couldn’t find the switch
to turn the interior light off
the rear view mirror
and the world held its breath
her body was a long fine slim
and verdant hill
i counted to the rhythm
of the car door is still open
warning bell
Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing
pealing out our own private
eternal sunshine of the
spot-lit backseat choir
Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing
i thought my toenails
would explode through my soul
and my fingertips and goodness
through my eyelids and through
the burden of my load
she lifted her hand
to touch my face
asking are you okay
i lied and said i was
thank god she came first
i am the bottle
i am the cramp
thank god she came first
my name is ophelia
who are you
thank god she came first
and the bugs stopped
and the cars stopped
and my heart
thank god she came first


Paul Koniecki is a poet, performer, and founder of Pandora’s Box Poetry Showcase in the greater Dallas area. His chapbook Reject Convention was published by Kleft Jaw Press in 2015 and his poems appear a variety of places including, Richard Bailey’s film, One Of The Rough – which was recently picked up by AVIFF Cannes.


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