The Suskind Perfume by Kinga Fabó

Now the maestro is rather uninspired
Baptiste procure one like in the olden times
follow her scent   the woman
turns her head   it’s foggy   steal her

smear and wrap her in a sack
let her soak in grease for a time
to preserve her volatility
with her every drop

the grease sucks her in
she cajoles you to follow
the scent on the bodies
of every other women

do you recoil – on all?!
What happens if your yearning
drives you mad
follow her scent

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

(and you, fair scent will evaporate)

(Translated by Gabor G. Gyukics)


Kinga Fabó is a Hungarian poet. Her latest book, a bilingual Indonesian-English poetry collection, Racun/Poison, was published in 2015, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Fabó’s poetry has been included in various international literary magazines like Numéro Cinq as well as in anthologies. Two of her poems, translated by George Szirtes, are forthcoming in Modern Poetry in Translation.


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