Variables Occurring During Unprecedented Rainfall by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

My space is overrun with satellite garbage breeding garbage poetry until I acquiesce the imposition––Barney Fife was a lady-killer off screen, my husband quotes a bio blurb––and never-married John Mahoney had to be a homo since ‘celibate bachelor’ doesn’t exist outside Mayberry, NC, except on The Bachelor delusive reality except blurred Naked and Afraid sucked him in for two seconds while wishing for 1960 pencil necktie promiscuity to make a comeback backed-up by nazi gospels – killer animals – wormhole tutorial and who doesn’t enjoy a good Chauvet Cave spelunk.

My space handcuffed by my husband’s chain smoke, the remote bored to hysteria, on the coffee table he reaches for – opens – reads Joyland in utter silence in two day’s time when never reading my published fiction or the funeral ash poem orphaned on the refrigerator door for months that he said he wanted to read but turns out it was too soon for funeral ash poetry so didn’t read it or any of the others, published or not.

I share space with a farmer.  No gain is made in analyzing variables occurring during two and a half months of unprecedented rainfall.


Wanda Morrow Clevenger is a Carlinville, IL native. Over 369 pieces of her work appear in 132 print and electronic publications. A magazine-type blog updated at her erratic discretion is here: http://wlc- She is currently polishing a full-length poetry manuscript.




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