When a Bird Flies in My house by Melanie Browne

I have a panic attack
I usually have trouble breathing
and call my hubby on the phone
there’s a bird- pant- pant
a bird in- pant
wahhh !!!
a bird flew in the house!!
oh I can’t breath
I can’t Oh Jesus
a bird flying around
I just can’t
“Okay” he says,
I’ll head to the house
Please calm down,
and I run upstairs
and use
the duck & cover
I try not to think of
what the bird is doing
perched in my kitchen
somewhere laughing
at my cowardice
maybe a blue jay terrorist
or a psycho  cardinal
I hear the door open
and hubby grabs the
“it’s out,” he says
“call you later,”
and just like that
my world is
turned right again


Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas. She has poetry at Madswirl, Bad Acid Poetry, In Between Hangovers and the now defunct Dead Snakes. She spends too much time looking at ghost photos on EBay, reading Wikipedia articles on old west Outlaws, and cataloging her fears for future generations.



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